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meraRERA is an informational portal in the interest of the general public for the awareness of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (2016). RERA is a government body which comes under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act which was passed in March 2016. This body will deal with all the issues, problems and provisions in the real estate sector of India. India’s landscape is a vast one and so is its population, hence, equitable land dealings becomes one of the primary focal points on which its development depends. Moreover, India is one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century with massive developments in residential as well as commercial sectors. This calls for a transparent government real estate agency for a fair passage of real estate development in the country. Therefore, the need for RERA was growing. It is a first of its kind authority whose sole purpose is to channelize the people concerned with real estate, be it builders, buyers or real estate agents, into fair practices that can add in the overall development of the country.

In the last decade or so, many problems have arisen in the residential real estate sector. News regarding a buyer being cheated from a property dealer or a builder comes every now and then. These may be related to the delay of possession of a residential project, extra charges that were not told prior to the agreement, change of plans etc. Generally, the sufferers are the middle-class people of India who, by their hard work are trying to improve their overall status. Hence, the regulations of RERA have been made such that a buyer never has to face any sort of problems or irregularities regarding their properties. The problems for buyers are plenty in India, however, one must not forget the difficulties many builders have to face. The issues faced by the builders can range from the project approval to the ever-rising corruption. Thus, meraRERA is a portal where everyone one can understand the beneficial policies that RERA has incorporated for the people.

On this platform, we are trying to connect with the people that deal in real estate business or become a part of it. We are here to guide the buyers, builders and real estate agents on how they can contribute towards making India a better place to live, simply by adhering to the rules and regulations set by RERA. Our team has done thorough research on RERA, right from its inception to its approval in March 2016. We also keep a tab on all the latest updates regarding real estate in India. In this website, you will find detailed highlights of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 under which RERA comes. This includes the rules which the promoters, buyers and real estate agents have to follow. Also, it lays the duties of each individual as well as the government in regards to promote the real estate sector in India. These will be the most basic things one should know about the real estate bill.

We will love to see people giving knowledge a chance to define their future. meraRERA is a much-needed juncture of people related to buying, building and promoting a real estate project with the government. People can use the website of RERA India so as to get a fair idea of its working and transparency, to gain information about a promoter as all the details of the promoter will be present on RERA India website and to participate in public forums and discussions about the working of this real estate regulatory agency.

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