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  • The existing practice of selling on the basis of ambiguous super built-up area for a real estate project will come to an end as the new law makes it illegal
  • Builder has to define carpet area.
  • Builder has to define project online.
  • Change in lay out and construction of additional towers in a project without taking consent from 70% of the allottees can lead to cancellation of registration
  • It would be mandatory for the developers to seek no objection certificates (NoCs) from departments, which deal with water and sewerage.
  • Procuring environment clearance and NoC from airport authority of India (AAI) will be mandatory. “As per the draft of the rules the developers have to seek NoC from six different departments.

Fee for the developers of real estate under RERA RajasthanFee of  Project Registration

The registration process should be done by the real estate developers with the authority of RERA. According to the regulation the developer needs to pay the registration fee when applying for the registration under the authority. The amount can be paid by drawing a demand draft on the scheduled bank or the online processing of the co-operative bank.

Project of group housing

Rs 5 for every square meter – The proposed area of the land which is going to be built should not be more than 1000 square meters.

Rs 10 for every square meter – (maximum limit Rs. 5 lakhs) –The area of the proposed land should not be more that the proposed 1000 square meters.

Mixed developmental project

Rs 10 for every square meter – The proposed area of the projects which is going under development should not more than 1000 meters.

Rs 15 for every square meter – For these projects area of proposed land should not more than 1000 square meters.

Commercial projects

Rs 20 for every square meter – The proposed land should not be more than 1000 square meters.

Rs 25 per square meter (capped up to Rs. 10 lakhs) – For these projects the area of proposed land should not more than 1000 square meters.

Plotted development projects

Rs 5 is scheduled for every square meter, and the upper limit of the amount is capped to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Application Fee for the time limit extension of the projects of Real Estate

A development agent can apply for extending the real estate project by showing a relevant reason. “Form E” needs to be filled up for extending the time for the project and the applicant needs to pay half of the registration fee. The applicant can use the demand drafts or the banker’s cheque which is drawn on the scheduled bank or online payment process.

Application withdrawal Fee for registering the project

The real estate developer can withdraw the project after registration but the applicant needs to apply for the withdrawal before at least 30 days of the expiry of the registration. The amount for processing the registration is deducted from the registration fees of the applicant and rest of the money is returnable to the applicant. The processing fee according to the sub-section 1 under section 5 is 5%. The developer can get the return from the authority within a month.

Fee of RERA Rajasthan for the agents of real estate

Fee of the Agent Registration

The agent of the real estate should go through the registration process with RERA. The payment for the application can be done by using demand drafts online banker’s cheque from a scheduled bank. If the applicant is an individual then he needs to pay Rs. 10,000 and other than individual needs to pay 50,000.

Renewal Fee for the registration of the agent/s of the real estate

The registration of the agents of the real estate can be renewed by submitting the “Form K” after filling it up. The demand draft can be drawn on any bank which is scheduled or it can be paid through the online payment system. The amount of payment is Rs. 5000 when the applicant is an individual. If the individual is other than an individual then he or she needs to pay Rs. 25000.

Fee for RERA Rajasthan complaint filing

Complaint filing Fee with the Regulatory Authority

A person who is the sufferer can launch a complaint with the authority of the regulatory. The person can launch a complaint by completing the “Form N” with the scheduled fee of Rs. 10000. This amount can be paid by using a demand draft on the bank which is in the favour of the authority.

Complaint filing Fee with Adjudicating Officer

Any person who is aggrieved can launch an objection with adjudicating officer. For launching this complaint the applicant needs to fill up the Form O and pay the amount of Rs. 1000. The demand draft can be used to pay the fee from the national bank which is scheduled.

Downlode RERA Rules PDF for Rajasthan

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