RERA to Aid Discriminated People in Real Estate -

The landmark policy of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory and Authority) brought by Real Estate Agency of India in March 2016 had brought big smiles on the faces of the Indian public. On one hand, this policy will make sure that a buyer is not cheated again by a promoter or a real estate agent, on the other hand, this act will work to build trust in the buyers for the promoters so that a regular inflow of money can take place in the market. One aspect of real estate was left untouched in the bill. This was regarding the discrimination among the diverse sects of people living in India while buying or renting a flat. But, according to the latest news regarding RERA, the authority is planning to make a clause so that these ill practices see its end soon.

The social media has time and again filled the news regarding the problems that the diverse demography of India has faced in the real estate sector. There have been multiple cases in which a promoter does not sell or give flats on rent to people coming from different social backgrounds such as religion, caste, sexual orientation etc. The biased nature of such builders have caused multiple problems to these people regarding a place to live which further hampers their financial and social growth. Our super rich builders often forget that the diverse nature of India makes India so special. However, we should feel proud that many of the builders actually support these minorities but like as usual, the problem arises due to bad activities of some wealthy people.

This clause will prevent the builders from practicing any kind of discrimination in selling or renting a property on the grounds of sexual orientation, marital behaviour, religion and many other various backgrounds. The Central Advisory Council and Real Estate Appellate Tribunal have also been made with RERA so that a promoter or an agent can be punished accordingly to their faults. Most of the developed countries such as the US, UK and Japan have also taken such strict steps to save general public from getting exploited by the builders.

According to the reports released by the government, to add more efficiency in the already powerful RERA, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has declared that it would make sure that this effectual clause against discrimination can be included till October 2016 in it.

RERA to Aid Discriminated People in Real Estate

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