Actions Taken Against the Unregistered Property Developers by RERA

Soon the RERA will send a letter to collectors of the district for taking essential action against every project development located in the rural regions.

It plans to take this action after conducting a survey. Along with this, Real Estate Regulatory Authority will impose the fine on every illegal project development. The official said that under the section 3 of RERA Complaint Act, 2016 the project developers in the rural regions are offered with ninety days of duration. The sources said that now RERA will impose ten percentages of the development cost on project developers who fail to register the upcoming project developers with RERA.


Most of the project developers in rural regions across this state prolong to stay out of the RERA radar based on sources. However, the deadline of 90 days for upcoming project developers in a rural region of this state for registering with the RERA concluded way before, not most of the developers are moved for registration. “Less than twenty developers have registered their developed projects across this state”, said by the sources.

Once implemented this Act in every urban region, RERA planned to take some project developments in rural regions under its scope. Some fines are imposed on project developers who do not register their upcoming projects within this stipulated deadline.

The officials said that “most of the projects are coming along either highway adjoining or completely away from the city edge across this state. For safeguarding the consumer interest, the decision is taken for taking the project developers under the RERA scope, only after seeking the permission of RERA chairman. Currently, action of project developers is taken properly who fail to register their project developments”.

RERA is also introduced with a goal to give precision in the available system and safeguard the home buyer’s interest.

The consumers hoping to accept their objection with this regulatory authority will go ahead simply after seeking a profile of registered project on the online portal of RERA, in case consumers feel duped. People who are booking their residential units in this residential project and the developer do not register on the portal of RERA can immediately inform the RERA.

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