Citizens Make a Call for the Implementation of the Real Estate Act

Citizens are now in the demand of having their own home. After the implementation of the Real estate regulatory authority application better known as RERA this has been in demand by the common man. In each and every part of the country, India it has been found that it has become one of the necessary things for the common man like the other. After its successful launch in different states and cities it has been found that this application has also been in demand by the people of Haryana. People who are eagerly waiting to have their own have made a gathering to make the Government aware of the fact that this application is now their foremost choice in the matters of real estate.

It has been found that the Government of the State, Haryana is not focusing on the matter. Rather they are making their focus on those building companies which are not able to make a single project for the last forty years. These things have made the Government of that state in such a position that people used to look at the official authorities in a very degrading manner.

The people who have been taking the position of in charge to produce the voxpop in front of the Government said in a statement that if the Authorities do not take any step then they are going to move into the court. They have also stated that they are also going to make a petition in the highest justice centre if the Authorities still refused to hear their words. This has now created one of the tension situations of the state. The citizens also stated that not a single project that has been taking shape in this land has been provided with the completion certificate.

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