DDA Development Controls for Residential Development Part 1 Over View

The Ministry of HUPA has prepared DRAFT  rules for Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 for UTs without legislature (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Lakshadweep). Public comments are sought on the same by maximum 08th July, 2016.


1.0 Over-view:

1.1 Residential developments in Delhi are broadly classified in the following manner:- a)  Residential Plot:

These are residential plots of various sizes either allotted or auctioned by DDA/Govt. Agencies.  Residential plots are also carved out by Coop. House Building Societies for members in 60s and 70s.

b) Plot sizes and Dwelling Units:

Plot sizes in Delhi varies from lowest category of below 32 Sqm. to highest category of above 3750Sqm.  The number of DUs varies as per the plot size Minimum 3 Dwelling Units for a plot below 32 Sqm. and 21 DUs for plot above 3750Sqm.

1.2 Residential Group Housing:

Multi-storey  Group  Housing  is  developed  by  DDA  and  also  by  Coop  Group  Housing Societies.   Most of these Group Housing Cooperative Societies are located in Dwarka, Rohini and Patparganj complex.  DDA Housing is located all over Delhi and caters to the all income groups. Minimum plot size required for Group Housing project is 3000 Sq. mts. Floor Area Ratio of (FAR) of 200 is permissible. Upper limit of density be taken as 200 Dwelling Units DUs/ha. (900 pph).Min. 15 % of the proposed FAR to be constructed for Community- Service Personnel/EWS and lower category. This 15% of proposed FAR for Community- Service Personnel/EWS and lower category housing would be over and above 200 permissible FAR and density.

A) Residential Plot-Plotted Housing

Plotted Housing in Delhi is mostly developed on Bungalow pattern/style. It is either row housing type for plots up to 250 sq.m. or bungalow type for plots more than 250 sq.m. with setback all around the building. Setback means the distance of a structure or other  feature  from  the  property  line  or  other  feature(Refer  Figure-  1).  Detail schedule of setbacks is given in a table Clause 4.4.3 CONTROL FOR BUILDING/BUILDINGS WITIN RESIDENTIAL PREMISES.  (Terms and conditions no x.)

Details of Ground Coverage, permissible on the plot and total  Floor  Area Ratio

(FAR)* permitted on the plot is given below. Total floor area divided by ground coverage decides max. no of building stories.

* Floor Area Ratio (FAR): The quotient obtained by dividing the total covered area

(plinth area) on all floors multiplied by 100 & divided by the area of the plot.

Maximum ground coverage, FAR, number of dwelling units for different size of residential plots shall be as per the following table:

S. No.

Area of Plot (Sq. m)

Maximum GrounCoverage (%)


No. of DUs


Below 32 90* 350 3

Above 32 to 50




3. Above 50 to 100 90* 350



Above 100 to 250 75** 300**



Above 250 to 750 75 225



Above 750 to 1000 50 200



Above 1000 to 1500 50 200



Above 1500 to 2250 50 200



Above 2250 to 3000 50 200



Above 3000 to3750 50 200



Above 3750 50 200


The detailed controls for Plotted Building/Buildings with Residential Premise is guided by Para 4.4.3 Control for Building/ Buildings within Residential Premises.

B) Residential Plot – Group Housing

Multi-storey Group Housing is developed by DDA and also by Co-operative Group

Housing Societies where land is allotted by DDA.

Minimum size of plot                          3000 sq.m.

Maximum Ground Coverage             33.3%

Maximum FAR                                     200

Height                                                    NR (Subject to clearance from AAI/Fire Department and other statutory bodies.

Parking                                                  2.0 ECS/100 sqm built up area and 0.5 ECS/100 sqm. for EWS/Service Personnel housing

The detailed controls for Plotted Building/ Building with Residential Premise is provided in Para 4.4.3 Control for Building/ Building with Residential Premise, Sub-clause (B) of MPD-2021.

C) Low Density Residential Area

Low Density Residential Area (LDRA) plots were also known as ‘Farm Houses’ earlier. Later on renamed as ‘Low Density Residential Area (LDRA)’ having an area of min.

4000 Sq.Mt or 0.4 ha or approx. 1 acres. These LDRA are area specific & permitted in revenue villages falling within Urban Extension area of MPD 2021, as per list given in annexure 4.0(I) and annexure 4.0(II) in Chapter 4.0 Shelter of MPD 2021.(Please refer annexure A of this report)

Following are development control norms –

  • Minimum Plot Area = 0.4 ha
  • Max. FAR = 20 (without any charges)

–    Above  20  upto  30(with  additional  charges  to be  notified  by  the competent authority)

–     For plots more than 1 acre, the portions remaining (if any) after plot- subdivision will get the benefit of FAR only on prorate basis

  • Max. Height = 12 meter
  • Min width of continuous road in front = 6 meter*
  • Min. green area = 50%
  • No. of main dwelling units permitted

–     Two  Dwelling  Units  on  LDRA  plot  of  one  acre  (0.4  ha)  maybe permitted with FAR of 20 and for additional 10 FAR i.e. from 20 to

30 one additional Dwelling Unit is allowed subject to payment of requisite charges as approved and notified by the Government of India.

–    EWS unit of 60 sqm per acre in addition to permitted FAR.

The detailed controls for Plotted Building/ Building with Residential Premise is provided in Para 4.4.3 Control for Building/ Building with Residential Premise, Sub-clause (G) of MPD-2021.

D) Studio Apartments

Minimum size of plot                        2000 sq.m.

Maximum Ground Coverage           33.3%

Maximum FAR                                   200

Height                                                  NR (Subject to clearance from AAI/Fire Department and other statutory bodies. Parking                                                 2.0 ECS/100 sqm built up area

Other controls for studio apartment:

i) The maximum size of the apartment will be 60 sqm built-up.

ii)   The plots should be located on road facing min width of 12m.

iii)  Basement, if constructed and used only for parking, utilities and services shall not be counted towards FAR.

Studio Apartment  is a premise in which residential accommodating  in  the form of multipurpose rooms is provided for individual/family. Use and activities permitted includes   i) Suits and ii) Caretakers office, Retail Shops, Dining and supporting facilities, as per requirement to be restricted up to 10% of floor area.

courtesy: dda.org.in

For complete Draft Copy of this RERA documents, Please download here.


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