DDA Development Controls for Residential Development

The Ministry of HUPA has prepared DRAFT  rules for Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 for UTs without legislature (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Lakshadweep). Public comments are sought on the same by maximum 08th July, 2016.

1. The Residential plot
2. Residential Group housing
3. Low Density Residential Area
4. Studio Apartments

Building Permit Procedure
1. Streamlining of Building Plan approvals and Environment Clearances
2. Procedure and Documentation for “Saral” scheme for small residential plots.
3. Procedure and Documentation for Sanction and Completion of Building Plans.
4. General features – free from FAR calculations.

Development Controls at a Glance.
This part condenses the development control parameters into tables and charts for quick reference.

Appendix A – List of villages declared as Low Density Residential Area (LDRA) in Urban Extension
Appendix B – Definitions/Glossary
Appendix C – How to calculate Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Appendix D – Fees and Charges (Annexure – III of Building Bye Laws 2016)
Appendix E – Charges related to compoundable deviations (Annexure- IV of Building Bye Laws 2016)

1. Preface
The Development Control Norms plays an important role in guiding and facilitating the physical Development of Delhi. As a part of DDA’s ongoing efforts to provide efficient and pleasant service to the public to facilitate property development, it has produced the series of Hand Books on Development Control Norms to inform and guide the public on the procedures in submitting development applications/Building Permits.

2. Purpose of this Hand Book
The Delhi Development Authority is National Capital’s Planning Authority. Its task is to plan and facilitate Development of Delhi and ensure that land resources are put to optimal use. Through this role, DDA aims to transform Delhi into a modern city to live, work and play.
DDA strives to facilitate developments by streamlining policies and making its guide lines and standard as transparent as possible. This hand book explains various development such as building setbacks, ground coverage, FAR, density, height etc.
The Development Control Norms will be applied by the DDA while processing development applications and building permits.
The guide lines/principles and illustration found in the hand book are not exhaustive in covering all possible conditions. Therefore, it is advised to also consult Master Plan for Delhi 2021 document, concerned Zonal Development Plan and Unified Plan bye-laws-2016.

courtesy: dda.org.in

For complete Draft Copy of this RERA documents, Please download here.

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