RERA held first hearing in Gurgaon on March 27

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority is going to start the grievance redress by beginning the first hearing of complaints on 27th March. The authority will conduct hearing from Tuesday to Thursday of every week.

Till now, the HRERA has registered 99 complaints and most of the complaints were registered by homebuyers, which will be organised for hearing in phases. Complaints on registration of real estate projects will be taken up in the first hearing. HRERA (Gurgaon) Chairman KK Khandelwal adds that “the second hearing will be organised in the first week of April”. The authority will be taking complaints on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is kept reserved for preparation of hearing and Decision will be uploaded on Saturday.

Haryana RERA started functioning on February 5 when 75 complaints were submitted by homebuyers in Panchkula. Out of all these 75 complaints, 9 complaints were in proper format, while remaining 66 complaints were returned to the complainants, for the proper format. Gurgaon, HRERA has received 90 complaints sincle February 5. Mr Khandelwal mentions, out of 99 complaints, the complaints which were in proper format were registered and improper format complaints were rejected, they would take 10-15 complaints at a time.

Mr Khandelwal said that complainants should register their complaints on the HRERA website and complainants have to file the complaint before the authority as an individual with list of facts, dates, relief sought and affidavit”. Their RERA Complaints will get the registration number. RERA will sort the complaints with the serial order of registration numbers.

HRERA had committed to decide on a turnaround time of 60days. “We will solve the case in 60 days of its hearing,” says Mr Khandelwal. Notices will be sent to respondents within 60days and respondents have to reply on the facts asked by the complainants.

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