How to file for RERA

Any aggrieved person say the buyer may file a complaint with the Authority or the adjudicating officer, as the case may be, for any violation or contravention of the provisions of this Act or the rules and regulations made there under against any promoter allottee or real estate agent, as the cae may be. For the purpose of this sub-section "person" shall include the association of allottees or any voluntary consumer association registered under any law for the time being in force.

Documents :The allottee is required to provide copy of  documents like Agreement to sale, payment receipts, demand letters,  e-mail copies and other documents and evidences which are relevant to the case alongwith the application for filing complain.

Form & Fees :The complainant is required to fill up the form and pay the fees as prescribed by different states .Write or call us to know more.

Timeline :The authority is required to deal with the complaints as expeditiously as possible and to dispose of the matter within 60 days from the date of receipt of complain. In case if it is not disposed  the authority has to record reasons in writing.

Appeal to Appellate Tribunal :If the complainant /aggrieved person is not satisfied  by any direction or decision or order made by the Authorityor by an adjudicating officer under this Act may prefer an appeal before the Appellate Tribunal having   jurisdiction over the matter:

Appeal to High Court: Any person aggrieved by any decision or order of the Appellate Tribunal, may, file an appeal to the High Court, within a period of sixty days from the date of communication of the decision or order of the Appellate Tribunal, to him, on any one or more of the grounds specified in section 100 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.Provided that the High Court may entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period of sixty days, if it is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the appeal in time.

Civil Court Barred  - Civil courts are barred from entertaining disputes (suits or proceedings) in respect of matters which the Authority or the adjudicating officer or the Appellate Tribunal is empowered under the Act to determine. However, the consumer forums (National, State or District) have not been barred from the ambit of the Act. An aggrieved person can only approach one of the two for disputes over the same matter.


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