Rera Decoding

RERA is  a state subject and every state has their own versions of the act according the requirements of the land. Although RERA has simplified and made various provisions in the interest of buyers but still many states have diluted , manipulated or has left loopholes which may not be favourable to buyers. The State acts is still silent on many concerns and various agencies and people have given their recommendations to rectify and modify the same but still lot of things is yet to be done.

The execution of RERA orders is also a big challenge opened for the authority in few states as  such cases are increasing wherein the promoters are not following the orders passed by the authority. The authority is required to work in the interest of buyers as they have suffered a lot since long and if the promoters will continue to have no fear of this act and the system  then the whole aim of making this act will become wastage.

It is important for the buyers to discuss their cases with the experts of RERA as many provision, orders and circulars   has been passed by the State RERA authorities  which  has practical pros and cons and each case brings new findings and rulings.

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