RERA Delhi

  1. RERA can discontinue the promoter’s business if promoter is failing to provide property on time and not adhering the definition of ready to move in possession.
  2. Number, carpet area of apartments for sale in the project including the area of balcony and verandah, exclusive open terrace area with the apartments, type and area of plots for sale.
  3. Detail number of garage including, excluding apartment/flat.
  4. Details of the location with latitude and longitude of the starting and end points of the project.
  5. Name and addresses of the registered agents.
  6. The plan of development works to be executed in the project and the project facilities like fire fighting facilities, drinking water facilities, emergency evacuation team and services, renewable energy etc.
  7. Salient features including access to the project, design for electric supply, street lighting, water supply arrangements. Site for disposal and treatment of storm and sullage water, public health services proposed.
  8. Gantt charts including the plan of development works, stage wise time and schedule of completion of project. Provision of basic amenities like water, sanitation and electricity etc.
  9. List of number and types of apartments and garages booked.
  10. Status of construction with photographs and status of internal infrastructure and common areas with photographs.
  11. Authenticated and approved copy of the site plan and map with the location of the project land including names of revenue estates, khasra numbers, survey numbers and area of each parcels.
  12. Approved copy of layout plan and floor plans for each tower and block including clubhouse, amenities and common area. Authenticated copy of occupancy certificate and completion certificate.
  13. Aggregate area in sq.mtrs of the recreation open space.
  14. Architecture and design standards, type of construction technology, earthquake resistance measures.
  15. Contact address, contact numbers and Email-ids of the promoter and other officials handling the project.
  16. There will be clear discontinuance of the promoter’s business if promoter is failed to provide the property on the time and ready to move in possession should adhere to its definition of ready to move in.
  17. The promoter should agree and adhere to the given handover time of the project and he is liable to pay compensation if he fails to do so.
  18. Architecture and design standards, type of construction technology, earthquake resistance measures.


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