RERA Himachal Pradesh

  1. Details of the past or ongoing litigations in relation to the real estate project.
  2. According to the act, an ongoing project means a project where development is still going on and completion certification has yet to be issued by the authorities.
  3. Approved copy of layout plan and floor plans for each tower and block including clubhouse, amenities and common area. Authenticated copy of occupancy certificate and completion certificate.
  4. The promoter shall compensate the allottee in case of any loss caused to him due to defect in the title of the land.
  5. Details of the number of garage for sale or available with the apartments/flats.
  6. Web link of the developer or group website or web link of the project website.
  7. Electric supply including street lighting, water supply, and public health services to be furnished.
  8. Plan of development works to be executed and details of the project to be provided thereof.
  9. Status of construction of each building and floor.
  10. Every allottee shall take possession of the apartment, plot or building within two months of the occupancy certificate issued for the apartment, plot or building.
  11. RERA can discontinue the promoter’s business if promoter is failing to provide property on time and not adhering the definition of ready to move in possession.
  12. There will be clear discontinuance of the promoter’s business if promoter is failed to provide the property on the time and ready to move in possession should adhere to its definition of ready to move in.
  13. Name and addresses of the registered agents.
  14. Detail number of garage including, excluding apartment/flat.
  15. Architecture and design standards, type of construction technology, earthquake resistance measures.


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