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RERA has been formed but still people are following the same approach and still finding them into traps and problems. Law cannot safe you if you are ignorant and alert. It is important for the existing customers as well as  those customers who are looking to buy the property to take well informed decision by knowing the rights and obligations at the right time  by the right people. Buyers often lands them into problem by getting allured with attractive discounts, schemes and offers which later brings lots of problems for them. One should remember that  the ultimate aim is to buy a peaceful property and not the bucket of stress and tension. Buying a property is a long term investment and long term decision and  hence the approach should  also be long term. Short term gains bring problems and disputes in future. Our team of experts from the industry and the legal world at mera rera knows the practical problem areas which normally happens in the real estate industry and  is focused mainly to find ,analyze and provide remedy to those customers who are somehow  not  happy and satisfied of  investments with the present builder and are looking transparent and genuine suggestions, guidance and remedy for their property problems.

a) Case Review :- It is important for  the aggrieved buyer to get his case reviewed with the RERA experts. As a customer you may not know the practical know hows and nitty gritties of the real estate industry. A small mistake may make your whole legal case weak and ruin your defence. In order to avoid such situations it is highly recommended that you first discuss your problems, docuements and situation before taking any legal steps against the builder. It is even better to take second and third opinion since your property purchase involves lot of money and a single ignorance may again land you and your investment in problem.

 b) Agreement to Sale review - “The Builder-buyer agreement is the most important document as it defines and  gives you rights, duties and obligations in the property you are buying.The importance of this document is such that it can make or ruin your future independence and finance.The review of this document has very high potential to give you immunity in the future. It is the soul of the whole property transaction and hence and hence we highly recommend to avail this service as you already know  prevention is better than cure.

c) Send legal notice to your builder: Sending the legal notice is the first step taken by the allottee if he decides to fight for his rights and aims for justice. The content and drafting of the notice is very important to win or lose your case. Sending the notice at  right time also keeps importance.

d) File Rera complain- Once you have decided to file the RERA case against your builder it is important for you to get yourself prepared with all the relevant facts,figures,evidences,e-mails,documents and agreements etc. to counter and handle the upcoming situations and facts. Bring all the chain of facts and evidences together to develop a strategy and to defend your case.

e) File for Conciliation and mediation – Now many states RERA authority have the provision to initiate conciliation or mediation  process to find a solution without getting into the formal process of case filing. This is a good step taken by the authority however it is important for the buyer to decide whether to go for conciliation or not.

f) Opt for RERA Complain Drafting: This is the key to your success. If the case foundation is strong the probability to win becomes higher. The buyer should acknowledge and accept  the importance of complain drafting and it should be made meticulously by expert consultants and lawyers keeping all the relevant facts,findings and evidences altogether to make the case as strong as possible.

g) Opt for Complete remedy Package – You can opt for the complete RERA solution from preparation of filing the complain, case study and document review, drafting and evidence collection to till disposal of the complain . Believe us we are good in our work and we know the hurdles and ladders.

h) e-Mail writing and drafting to builders – e-mail plays a vital role to win or lose the case. We know that the builders often are very negligent towards the problems and concerns of the buyers and they often maintain there silence and doesn’t bother  to give any reply and response. Generally the buyers are  ignorant about the words they write in the emails and later when dispute arises these emails are aggressively used by the builders in there favour.So it is important for the buyers to write every mails and communication to builder carefully.We can help you in drafting the emails from property purchase till handover of possession.

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